Evil Invaders Frontman Joe Kept Up All Night On New Album

Evil Invaders

By Joe (Evil Invaders)

Looking back at songs and lyrics and thinking about what inspired me to write them has always been hard for me. The best parts in songs or lyrics are often just thoughts that jump into my head at the most random moments. I get most of my ideas when my mind is wandering off, processing the events that happened in the last days. I see the images like dreams before my eyes and try to put words and meaning to what I see. It’s often just the processing of raw emotions and thoughts that later turns into a song with more than just one meaning or topic. I like to write my lyrics in a way that people can interpret them through their own experiences in life.

Topics of our lyrics on Shattering Reflection are all inspired by things that we have to deal with in our daily lives: The death of loved ones, being stabbed in the back, insomnia, dwelling in the past, anger and frustration, lust, the evil side of your mind that makes you come up with some pretty sick stuff…

In the last five years there have been some events that definitely made an impact on us as people.

Seeing my grandmother suffer from dementia made me realize how fragile our mind actually is. I can’t imagine what it must be like to forget an entire piece of your life and suddenly be stuck in a moment of the past. Not realizing who certain people are anymore. To feel like you’re surrounded by strangers in your own house. Looking for someone who’s already been gone for years. It’s like being stuck in a bad trip… living in purgatory.

Max (lead guitar) lost one of his best friends at a party. He woke up in the morning to find him outside on the floor with a broken neck. He had tripped and fallen out of the 2nd floor window. Stuff like that makes you realize how short life can be. We might be here now but we could be gone tomorrow…

I have an incredibly restless mind. I think I can count the nights I sleep properly in the time span of a year on just one hand. I often lay awake listening to my deafening thoughts or trying to swipe away the vivid images that portray themselves on the inside of my eyelids. If I can’t control it, I tend to get up at night and just start writing down everything that comes to mind. Even when it doesn’t make sense at first. I keep on writing until I start seeing patterns in my words and build further on that. I like to write in a very visual way so when you read the lyrics you can let your imagination take you to another place. Just like watching a movie.

Musically, we combine all sorts of styles and mix them into our Evil Invaders cocktail. Our main influences are in the classic metal styles: heavy, thrash, progressive, old-school death… As the mix of all these influences tends to grow into something more unique than everything we’ve done before, I find it hard to put a label onto our music. It’s too aggressive for “heavy metal,” but not thrashy or typical enough to slam the “thrash” or “speed” stamp on it. We ended up writing an “Extreme Heavy Metal” record, that is taking the listener on a wicked journey full of twists and turns.

** Evil Invaders’s new album Shattering Reflection is out April 1st on Napalm Records. Pre-orders for LP, CD, and t-shirts are available now (HERE).

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