Track Premiere: Runespell – ‘All Thrones Perish’

From Nightwolf, the mystical and prolific mastermind behind such bands as Eternum and Blood Stronghold, comes Runespell, a heroic return to those days of European black metal majesty during the mid-90s. Now, only four months after the release of Aeons of Ancient Blood, Runespell’s already out-of-print demo, comes the one-man band’s debut full length. Entitled Unhallowed Blood Oath, Runespell’s debut LP is seven tracks of unmitigated black metal glory. 

Beginning with a tremolo-picked siren that’s answered by a breath-taking and, honestly, Agallochian start, “All Thrones Perish” is the penultimate track on Aeons of Ancient Blood, but—spoiler alert—it’s actually the last song. And what a closer it is. Like blood from a stone, with Runespell, Nightwolf wrings beauty from his black metal. Don’t sleep on this peek at an album sure to crown many a year end lists.

Quote Nightwolf: “And all false thrones perish, lay in ruins upon scorched bones. These ivory dusted storms howling, stained in the blood red talons of victory . . .”

Get Unhallowed Blood Oath September 29th from Iron Bonehead Productions.