The Top Five Sick Sets the Dudes From Plaque Marks Have Seen Working at Philly Venue Kung Fu Necktie

Good goddamn is this upcoming Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship EP from rising Philly noise rock royalty Plaque Marks nasty in all the right ways.

And perhaps that shouldn’t be a huge surprise: Not only does the quartet boast current and ex-members of Fight Amp, Creepoid, and Ecstatic Vision, but three-fourths of the band have all been working at Philadelphia heavy music oasis Kung Fu Necktie for years, witnessing an essentially nonstop line of cutting edge metal, punk, and hardcore bands parade past — that is, when they aren’t themselves slaying the stage.

“The owner Chicken has always been supportive of the bands and projects we’ve been involved with,” Plaque Marks drummer Pat Troxell tells Decibel. “He’s let us do everything from practice in the basement, to give touring friends a place to crash in his apartment, which is located above Kung Fu Necktie. It’s a second home.”

“Plaque Marks’ first show was at Kung Fu Necktie,” guitarist/vocalist Mike McGinnis adds. “We’ve each played Kung Fu Necktie in our other respective bands many times and I’ve witnessed some killer and unique shows there throughout the years.”

This, of course, begs the question, “Such as?” which McGinnis was kind enough to answer below. Check it out while jamming the eponymous track below taken from Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship out October 27 via Learning Curve Records.

1. Tragedy.

“Pat was booking the club at the time, and Tragedy was in town playing a fest. They decided to do a secret show, announced day-of. Pat booked them and just handed out flyers that day with the Tragedy logo. About 100 people showed up and I got to catch a super intimate Tragedy set in a small room with their sound dialed in to sound almost exactly like their records. Only having seen them play to 300+ people prior to this, it was a fuckin.’ treat to witness.”

2. Coalesce + Harvey Milk:

“I don’t think this really needs an explanation. A rare and awesome show, shook the foundation.”

3. Metz:

“One of my favorite current bands, was awesome to see them in the early days before gaining popularity. This has sort of been a staple of Kung Fu Necktie — working there allows you to see these killer bands in a small room before they’re playing the 500-plus capacity rooms.”

4. Spray Paint:

“Pat and I both booked them at Kung Fu Necktie a few separate times. If you don’t know this Austin band do yourself a favor and give them a listen, another one of our favorite current bands. Seeing them in the tight upstairs spot did their sound justice.”

5. 2016 International Noise Conference:

“What happens when you combine 15-plus crazy ass noise artists, a staff BBQ, tons of booze, July 4th, and some mind altering psychedelic substances? Whatever it was, it was awesome. Doug and I entered the vortex and did our own impromptu noise set from the sound booth between artists using the digital effects loops on the mixer. The last band smashed all of their gear and in our altered state it was a complete mind-fuck. RAT BASTARD WHAT UP?”

As a bonus the band sent along some of its favorite negative Kung Fu Necktie reviews…