Track Premiere: Dark Waters End – ‘Up the Dose’

Progressive death metal band Dark Waters End garnered an underground following for the mathy, technical death metal heard on their 2016 EP, Rat King. They haven’t ditched that on their debut album, Submersion, but rather honed in on it. The influences from Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Candiria and Between the Buried and Me are all still there, but the final product is more refined and distinctly Dark Waters End.

Sample the album’s second track, “Up the Dose,” for a slew of dizzying riffs, technical drumming and crushing death metal. For more news, you can keep up with Dark Waters End on Facebook.

“By far our most tongue-in-cheek song, ‘Up The Dose’ describes the struggle, failed treatment and downfall of a sarcastic paranoid schizophrenic,” Dark Waters End offer. “The protagonist rockets back and forth between delusion and reality throughout the song, until finally surrendering to their decaying mental state. The lyrics were built to mirror the unnerving and insane phrasing found throughout the instrumentation.”