Track Premiere: Omotai – ‘Welcome to the Adders’ Land’

The disappearance of the early U.S. settlers at the Roanoke Colony remains an unsolved mystery, but that hasn’t stopped people from wondering about exactly what happened to those colonists. Houston, TX sludge outfit Omotai are thinking about it on their sprawling new record, A Ruined Oak. 

While they most easily fit under the banner of sludge metal, Omotai have reached all over the spectrum of heavy music to arrive at A Ruined Oak. Everything from doom and thrash to hardcore punk and post-rock can be heard on the album and a good introduction is with album opener “Welcome to the Adders’ Land.”

Photo: Kathleen Kennedy

Combining slow, rumbling low end with a fast-paced punk attitude and screamed vocals, “Welcome to the Adders’ Land” is an energetic album opener that sets the tone for what’s ahead. Listen to it below, and head to Tofu Carnage Records to pre-order. A Ruined Oak is out on October 6.