5 Great Live Roadburn Albums

Every year, Roadburn Festival curates an ambitious and exciting lineup that calls attendees from around the world to the Netherlands. The festival has earned a reputation for the performances hosted there, and many bands have chosen to immortalize their sets in the form of live albums. Here are five must-hear live albums recorded at Roadburn Festival.

ConvergeJane Live
There’s little to be said about Converge that hasn’t already been stated. One of the most exciting and consistent bands making music, Jane Live captures the band performing their seminal 2001 record in full. Their performance is frantic but exciting, including rare performances of songs like “Phoenix In Flames.”

ElderLive at Roadburn 2013
Live at Roadburn 2013 contains plenty of doomy Elder jams. Elder dial in their floating melodies and crushing doom riffs, proving nice versions of songs from Dead Roots Stirring and Spires Burn/Release.

GodfleshStreetcleaner (Live Roadburn 2011)
The debut full-length from industrial mastermind Godflesh is suffocating as a live recording. Rumbling bass, squealing guitars and strong vocals bring Streetcleaner to life in a different way than on the studio album, but it works to Godflesh’s benefit. The songs are more dissonant and, at times, cacophonous, a powerful incarnation of the record more than 20 years after its release.

NeurosisLive At Roadburn 2007
It might be impossible to truly classify Neurosis, who’ve spent the better part of three decades experimenting in various sounds, always to killer results. Both the band’s calm, ambient side and their heavy, sludgy side are on display on Live At Roadburn. Neurosis’ performance is on point, and there’s something for everyone on the album.

Yob Live at Roadburn 2010
“We’re gonna play four songs and that will be one hour.” Those words from guitarist/vocalist Mike Scheidt start Yob’s 2010 Roadburn performance before launching into an absolutely massive set. The guitar riffs are slow and like molasses, and Schmidt’s raw vocal delivery is devastating.