Track Premiere: Livid – ‘Sins Of God’

Livid paint a bleak picture on their Prosthetic Records debut album, Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes. Driven by a combination of their own personal struggles and the tense political climate in the United States at the time of writing.

Stream their new single, “Sins of God,” a nine-and-a-half minute song showcasing Livid’s ability to write dissonant, sludgy doom metal supported by guitarist/vocalist Cole Benson’s strong vocal abilities.

“Sins of God’ was just a rough idea just a few days before we went into the studio,” bassist Chad Padelford comments. “I was concerned about using it for the album because we hadn’t even finished it. We got together at our space to practice and polish up some pieces the day before we went in. We still weren’t 100% we were gonna use ‘Sins’ on the album yet. We decided to just take what we had and start playing and see what happened. It all came together so smoothly. It still amazes me how easy it is to write music with these guys. Everyone just seems to get it. We went in and recorded it live and couldn’t have been happier. Cole went in a few days later and recorded vocals. When I got a copy of the roughs I was floored that after all this time Cole could still surprise me with his ability. In a matter of a few days, ‘Sins of God’ went from being an idea to one of my favorite songs we’ve ever performed.”

Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes will be released through Prosthetic Records on July 14. Pre-order the album here.