VIDEO PREMIERE: Khaos-Dei “Sous La Bannière Noire”

“I do not know if we can talk about concept because it really reflects our life concretely,” says Khaos-Dei vocalist Nacht (aka Patrick Vernhes). “Catechism is the natural evolution of our first album. We are locked in our temple, where everything happens and develops what we call our anti-cosmic satanism. We could write a book of all this, but we decided to make it simply musical vibrations largely surrounded by texts. It is necessary to know that the words are rather complex in the symbolic. It is as if each sentence could tell a chapter alone. Overall, it is necessary that the one who is interested in the group can parallel his own research based on our words.”

Well, if there’s anything to glean from Patrick’s description of new album, Opus II: Catechism, it’s that the France-based trio are dead serious when it comes to their interpretation of black metal as seen through the eyes of anti-cosmic satanism, a venture of belief also upheld by Dissection’s late Jon Nödtveidt. The group’s newest video, for the killer track ‘Sous La Bannière Noire’, shows Khaos-Dei exposed, raw, and in their element (with their instruments). While it’s not a video of dudes running around a forest or animated Albrecht Dürer woodcuts, it the video depicts a band unafraid of putting a face and a person on the evil they project.

Most Monday are down days, but today is devoted to darkness and vastness of the anti-cosmos. So, yeah, it’s a down day.

** Khaos-Dei’s new album Opus II – Catechism is out now on Osmose Productions. The blistering black metal masterpiece is available HERE to order on CD or LP.