Video Premiere: Childrenn – ‘Royal Fever’

Danish rockers Childrenn are dabbling in a wide variety of sounds for their latest album, International Exit. On single “Royal Fever,” Childrenn play rumbling, distorted riffs complemented by high pitched vocals. 

International Exit was mastered by experimental metal producer Randall Done – whose previous work includes Sun O))), Earth and Wolves in the Throne Room – a logical decision for a band who experiment with krautrock, psychedelic rock, drone and more on the same album.

Childrenn released a dark music video about the concept of escape to go with the release of “Royal Fever.”

“‘Royal Fever’ has somewhat of Sisyphean theme to it,” Childrenn comment about the accompanying video. “The song is about a feeling of being stuck and witnessing things coming back to you in new disguises no matter how hard you fight them. As if time runs in circles and everything returns until you find a way to deal with it and break the circle. The song was one of the first we wrote for our forthcoming album and probably the first Childrenn song that contains an actual chorus.”

Mighty Music will release International Exit in October. Stay tuned to their website for more info.