STREAMING: Ensnared “Dysangelium”

Sweden’s Gravehammer met its maker in 2010. Despite the group only issuing a lone EP, 2010’s Ensnared in Dismal Blasphemies, the Gothenburgers were well on their way to Nordic infamy, their hybridization of death, black, and thrash metal on either end of Decameron, Grotesque, and vintage Kreator. Now, known as Ensnared, the Swedes have taken what they learned on the fiery path with Gravehammer into new depths of darkness, where the horns of Hell blare violently and incessantly, where the air is insufferably hot and smells of brimstone cooking in the vast ovens of the underworld.

After one EP, Ravenous Damnation’s Dawn, on the obscure and defunct Nuclear Winter Records, Ensnared have returned four years later with Dysangelium, the group’s first for both Dark Descent and Invictus. The seasoned warrior of Swedish death metal will experience nods to early ’90s Unanimated and newcomers Vorum. And there’s Ensnared undeniable attitude. Whereas most bands opt to pull back on attitude, the Swedes in Ensnared live it. Their dedication to the craft of death metal is palatable, a viscous, hateful vibe that’s purveyed by a fearsome foursome like no other.

Commemorate the flag of hate. Honor the art of death metal. Mark Ensnared as one of the must-hear bands of 2017. And let’s get right with God the wrong way! Here’s Dysangelium!!!

** Ensnared’s Dysangelium is out on Dark Descent and Invictus Productions on May 12th. Pre-orders are available HERE. Venture into the world of displeasure on Dysangelium!