Video Premiere: Connoisseur – ‘All Day Every Day’

Oakland, California’s “stoner violence” crew Connoisseur (who are no stranger to Decibel or puns) have an interesting mission: to make marijuana a threat again. We’ll let you decide how successful they are after watching this video for “All Day Every Day.” 

What is it that the members of Connoisseur like to do all day? Ripping through amped-up sludge punk jams seems to fit that description. Oh, and they like to smoke weed. 

Connoisseur declare themselves “weed edge” in the song, accompanied by a video of various adults showing off that edge. 

“For this song, ‘All Day, Every Day’, we set out to write a song that was the exact opposite of bands we love like Sleep,” guitarist Dan says. “Who’s got an hour?  We barely have a minute!  This ain’t your uncle’s stoner rock, we got things to do, and this bong ain’t gonna smoke itself, ya know?”  

Physical copies of Connoisseur’s upcoming album, Over the Edge, can be ordered here. Digital copies are available here for the price of $4.20. Over the Edge is out April 7 on Tankcrimes.