Withered Announce Live DVD, ‘Live In Torment’

Atlanta, Georgia’s Withered have spent the last almost fifteen years carving out a powerful identity in the metal scene with four impressive full-length albums. However, Withered have never released anything but a studio album… until now.

In an effort to capture their devastating live performance, Withered will unveil Live in Torment, a live DVD from the band’s performance at the Masquerade in Atlanta on August 26, 2011. In addition to Withered’s performance, Live in Torment includes “a full discography with album medley and stats” and playthrough videos of demos for “Distort, Engulf” and “Leathery Rind” from their 2016 album Grief Relic.

Live in Torment will also be the first release on guitarist/vocalist Mike Thompson’s new label, Atlanta Grind Productions.

“We’re excited that this footage is finally seeing the light of day,” Thompson says. “After losing half of our lineup in 2012, this project was put aside indefinitely to regroup and finish writing for Grief Relic. We’ve had a lot of fans over the years ask specifically for something like this to capture our live presence. Looking back, Live In Torment is like a time capsule for that Dualitas touring era for us. We enjoyed dreaming up some nice bonus features for it as well. I think it’s well worth checking out.

“It is also the first release on my own label, Atlanta Grind Productions, so expect a lot more from AGP too,” he adds. “I’ve had intentions of launching the label for several years as a vehicle to release, well, whatever the hell I want honoring our Atlanta punk roots of the mid/late 90’s. And in punk rock fashion, we include a Blu-Ray and DVD versions of the disc so fans can give one away to a friend. Despite our best intentions, Withered has never managed to release anything outside of studio albums until now. So, we’re excited to put out more fun stuff like singles, splits or whatever the hell we feel like doing. These types of releases really give us the freedom to experiment heavily without worry of tanking an album and driving the band off a cliff. So, keep an eye out for some interesting stuff in the near future.”

You can preorder Live in Torment here with a variety of packaging options. Decibel Metal and Beer Fest attendees can also pick up the DVD on Sunday, when Withered perform with Sleep and Pig Destroyer. Finally, Withered open the Decibel Magazine Tour tomorrow night, March 18, at the Masquerade.