Track Premiere: Shade Empire – ‘Anti-Life Saviour’

After nearly four years without a new release or word of new music, Shade Empire has broken their silence to release “Anti-Life Saviour,” the lead single for a still-nameless record. 

Shade Empire continues to build on their symphonic black metal, offering uplifting melody to contrast the harsh vocals and blast beats the band perform. Throughout the song, which edges over the ten-minute mark, Shade Empire offer plenty of melodic respite, including half-spoken word/half-chanted lyrics.

The video shows the band, dressed in winter-appropriate clothing, performing in a snowy forest, contrasting a hooded man who carries a torch into the forest before disrobing and hacking off his own hand, leaving the words “Why me?” written in blood next to his shivering, naked body in the snow. 

“Anti-Life Saviour” is the first song to be heard from Shade Empire’s upcoming album, which will be released through Candlelight / Spinefarm Records. No other information is known, other than that the band will reveal more soon.