For Those About To Squawk: Sleep, Cranial Engorgement, Weltesser

This time of year man, I know I don’t want to sound like a broken parrot, but there’s just not that much that comes out in the winter. Thanks, Trump… 

I’m going to start off with the slam-a-rific Cranial Engorgement with Horrific Existence on Gore House.  Anyone that knows me, knows that this parrot is a fan of brootal death metal, and CE fits neatly in that category. That’s not to say this is amazing, this three piece could use a kick in the pants production wise.  This has everything you need here, brutal grunts, growls and screams, arpeggiated sweeps, fast blasts and of course the slams. The production though is thinner than the back of Donald Trump’s hair and doesn’t really lend a much-needed punch. Think if like Dying Fetus (John Gallagher appears on one song) had really bad production, and the slam riffs just like tapped you instead of knocking you out. The songwriting is here, and I’m SURE these guys are killer live, but Horrific Existence just doesn’t have enough teeth. 4 Fucking Pecks.

I can’t say that I’m usually crazy about the aesthetic of the label Prosthetic (see what I did there?) but Weltesser (whatever that means) has released Crestfallen and I gotta say that I’m pecking digging this.  This is nasty as beak crust/doom and kicks your cloaca like a mule.  There’s not a lot to this, save punishing riffs drenched in feedback with some atmosphere thrown in here and there. This parrot’s one gripe is, turn the vocals up, seems like they’re buried a little too much. Think like a WAY dirtier and less arty Neurosis and you get the general vibe here. I dig it. 7 Fucking Pecks.

Ahhh you know, folk metal, not really my thing and I gotta say that Scotland’s Cnoc An Tursa does not change my mind with The Forty Five.  This is monotonous, boring “Celtic” metal. Can the metal community just stop this sort of thing? I mean, there’s like atmosphere, and some sort of semblance of death metal, but who really needs this?  Songs about kilts and The Highlander and haggis just have no interest for me.  This is bird poop. 1 Fucking Peck. 

Did you know Sleep released a jam called The Clarity? It’s pretty rocking and like doesn’t disappoint. It’s Sleep alright.  It’s good to see a “reunion” band coming back and kicking some ass. Stoner/doom abounds here, and rawks the peck out!  This 9 minute, one track is being released on Southern Lord, so like, it’s cool and the track is killer, but a one track LP? C’mon. For record collectors only. Song: 8 Fucking Pecks. Vinyl: 5 Fucking Pecks.

Sleep is headlining the Decibel Metal and Beer Fest, tickets are almost gone and this WILL sell out, so get your tickets HERE

Adieu… Waldo