Storm the Gates With Bestial Warlust!

When talking about black metal, in all its historical lore and variations, many accounts and discussions understandably linger on the Scandinavian hordes that made the genre famous. Other times, the discussion turns into a verbal sparring match about the modern iterations of black-gaze, atmospheric black metal, or whatever else we feel like wasting our time gutting one another about. But a lot of great bands tend to get lost in the shuffle, especially ones in faraway lands like Australia. Bestial Warlust is one of those often overlooked bands.

In the mid-1990s, the band put out two classics of raging, throat-slitting metal: 1994’s Vengeance War Till’ Death and 1995’s Blood and Valour. Perhaps in an effort to shine a well-deserved light on these records, Hell’s Headbangers is putting out a live album called Storming Bestial Legions on March 31 of this year, leading up to a re-release of both original albums. They’ve made the opening track, “Death Rides Out” available on bandcamp:

If you want a good idea of their sound, think of Blasphemy, Revenge and Black Witchery with some extra dynamics thrown in (smuggled through customs via thrash metal…Mortal Sin is from Australia too, you know). So ready yourselves for black metal war with this ripping live assault…with a fitting cover of Bathory’s “Massacre” thrown in as well!