Track Premiere: In the Company of Serpents – ‘Limitless Light’

In the Company of Serpents keep it simple, but they keep it effective. The two-piece sludge/doom band doesn’t carry much in the way of frills, but they still pack an effective punch. 

“Limitless Light” is the first single from their upcoming full-length, Ain-Soph Aur. As In the Company of Serpents said they would do when they announced the album, the duo explores their softer side without sacrificing their heaviness; in fact, it appears to have strengthened their heavy side. 

“’Limitless Light’ is probably the heaviest thing we’ve written to date, and it’s my favorite track off the new record,’ guitarist/vocalist Grant Netzorg says. “It’s a very cathartic and often painful song for me to play live. Thematically this song deals with striving to realize the true version of one’s self, the self that is who we essentially are at the core of our beings when all other baggage we acquire in life is stripped away. It is that true and beautiful version of ourselves that we must take every effort to honor and act upon, and it is a lifelong pursuit. This song has a strong melancholy to it, because I know that in many ways I have personally failed in this endeavor, whether through personal or professional obligations, or in the simple reality of how our society operates.  

“Nonetheless it is an immense goal worthy of constant & continued effort, regardless of any personal setbacks I have encountered on the path there, and I intend to keep chasing that ideal.” 

Ain-Soph Aur will be independently released by In the Company of Serpents on March 10. If you like what you hear, you can preorder it here.         

Photo by Travis Heacock
Photo by Travis Heacock