Full Album Stream: Cranial Engorgement – ‘Horrific Existence’

Cranial Engorgement technically hail from Southern California, but after hearing Horrific Existence, you’d have good reason to think the band crawled from the bowels of Hell.

Horrific Existence is overflowing with excessive brutality — the rhythm section sounds like it could have been played by a machine, violent slams abound and sickening vocals make the icing on the cake.

The highlight of Horrific Existence is “Molded by Cruelty.” In addition to the already fearsome onslaught Cranial Engorgement offer on their own, Dying Fetus frontman John Gallagher lends his vocals to the song.

“We are beyond happy to finally share this album with everyone!” the band comments. “5 years in the making and it’s finally available to be heard worldwide. Like many bands before us, we encountered our share of ups and downs while working on this LP, but it’s with pride and joy that we present our very own piece of Horrific Existence to those who eagerly waited.”

Gore House Productions will let Horrific Existence loose on the masses on February 10. Pick up a copy here.