Track Premiere: Deathwish ‘Unleash Hell’ On New Song

Deathwish aren’t strangers to working fast. After cranking out their first full length in 2015, the speedy crossover punk/trashers hit the road and haven’t slowed down. This year brings the release of their second full-length, Unleash Hell, and first music video, for the album’s title track, which you can hear below. 

The high-energy punk attitude and sound that made Deathwish so likeable the first time around is present on “Unleash Hell.” Fast power chords and sing along vocals are at the forefront. 

Don’t let appearances fool you: this band of punks from Wisconsin with a guitarist called Guinea Pig Champion hit hard and fast. They’ll be on the road with D.R.I. and MDC in 2017. Grab a preorder for Unleash Hell (out March 10) through Beer City Skateboards and Records, and keep an eye on their upcoming tour dates.