Support the ACLU and Extreme Metal Today on Bandcamp

The last few weeks have been a trying time for many around the world, especially in the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump’s Executive Order that bars immigration from multiple Middle Eastern countries. As you may have already heard, Bandcamp has decided to donate 100% of their profits raised today to the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that has been working (and will continue to work) in defense of all those affected by the administration’s actions. In their own words,

“Last week’s Executive Order barring immigrants and refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States is not simply immoral, it violates the very spirit and foundation of America.”

Any purchases you make on Bandcamp will make a difference today. Here are 5 great albums across extreme metal genres to consider supporting. You can also purchase physical media and merch through Bandcamp, which will also contribute to the ACLU.

DoomentorDominus Omnes
Doomentor’s self-description of “Black Occult Imperial Doom Metal from Hell” is spot-on. Combining huge-sounding riffs with evil vocals. Never falling prey to unnecessarily long song lengths or repetitious songwriting, Dominus Omnes is a strong first album for the group. Doomentor’s previous releases are also available on their Bandcamp. 

No GodsNo Gods 
Hailing from the Greater Philadelphia area, No Gods’ first EP is riff-driven, punishing thrash. Splashes of death metal and hardcore can be heard, adding to the aggression and bite found on the five songs. 

DopelordChildren of the Haze
Hypnotizing, heavy stoner metal is Dopelord’s specialty. Crushing riffs come from the smoke-filled land; diversity of vocals and lead guitar playing staves off monotony and makes Children of the Haze well-worth purchasing. 

Dark PhantomNation of Dogs
Dark Phantom calls Kirkuk, Iraq their home, making their inclusion on this list doubly fitting. Banging out chunky riffs and machinelike drumming —only stepping out of the groove to break into gnarly shredding— Dark Phantom’s first release, Nation of Dogs, is pulverizing. Though they began in 2007, Dark Phantom explain on their Bandcamp page that they had to halt the band due to safety concerns. 

Ellende Todbringer
Ellende hold tight control over atmospherics on Todbringer, putting out chilling and otherworldly (just listen to those vocals!) black metal. A two-piece in the studio, Ellende bring clean instrumentals and spoken word into the songs on Todbringer but those flourishes don’t stop a shrieking auditory assault of throat-shredding vocals and tremolo-picked buzzsaw guitars from exploding forth when the duo decide to let loose.

A number of metal labels (as well as countless underground and well-known artists) also have Bandcamp pages you can purchase from, including Dark Descent, Horror Pain Gore Death, Metal Blade, Prosthetic, Southern Lord, Profound Lore, Relapse, Translation Loss, Transcending Obscurity and more.