Rich Davis Releases New Song And Video, Talks Solo Project

You may know Rich Davis as a founding member and guitarist of Mystic Force and Shift, his former bands. Today, Davis is a solo musician, who writes, performs and records his own original music.

Making the decision to begin recording solo music after Shift broke up, Davis has released 15 songs that he says are more modern with a heavier sound. “Faceless” is his most recent release and features Davis singing as well as playing the instruments. 

Recording as a solo artist has also afforded Davis the opportunity to work at a rate that best suits him. 

“The one main difference to me is that I am now able to move at my own pace,” Davis says. “It has been such a struggle for me working with other people who don’t share the passion and drive that I do. This is the plus with doing everything myself on this project.” 

Though he says he will never perform his solo music in a live setting, fans of Davis’ music don’t have to worry that he won’t be releasing more any time soon. 

“As for my future plans with my music, I hope to continue writing and recording for many years to come,” Davis says. “The love for music will always be a big part of my life. As long as I’m physically capable of doing the whole recording process, I will remain a functioning musician.”

To stay up to date with Rich Davis’ releases, you can follow him on his Youtube channel