Explore the “Black Miasma” With Lantern’s New Jam!

Death metal, though a cacophony of raucous noise to outsiders, comes in many forms and flavors. Some bands go for a more energetic approach akin to the style’s thrash forebears, while others lean toward a dark and atmospheric sound. But what if you could have it both ways?

Well, Finland’s Lantern manages to strike an engaging and riff-tastic balance. The band put out their debut, Below, back in 2013 and will be releasing II: Morphosis on March 17 of this year. We at Decibel are happy to premiere the album’s opening track, “Black Miasma.”

In the words of the band:

“Black death over the fields of red! It has been said that Lantern’s sophomore album II: Morphosis is a riff record, and the album’s opener is here to demonstrate this is not just empty hype. The crooked progressions, slimy vibes and otherworldly melodies will explain why this song had to be bestowed with a name as blunt and primitive as “Black Miasma.” Don’t get us wrong: this song oozes darkness, disease and death, but it does so with style and taste. It’s also further proof that the band is not keen on repeating itself, however still managing to keep that ‘familiar yet so different’ feel Lantern has carried throughout its 10-year long path.”

True to these words, the song has a familiar style, reminding me somewhat of Vorum if they had a raspier Barney Greenway on vocals (with tons of reverb). The band is good at stitching different riff patterns together and provides the listener with some nice variations in terms of tremolo picking and crunchy rocking sounds.

Be sure to read our interview with the band back in 2013 as well to learn more about the band!