Track Premiere: Lock Up – ‘Desolation Architect’

Nearly six years after their last full-length, 2011’s Necropolis Transparent, UK grindcore unit Lock Up are preparing to release Demonization this year. 

“Desolation Architect” is a flurry of breakneck drumming, fast riffs and vocals. Demonization features new vocalist Kevin Sharp after previous vocalist Tomas Lindberg left the band in 2014. Lock Up says that Sharp was a friend of the band’s before he joined, which shows. Sharp sounds right at home on “Desolation Architect.” 

Lock Up is asking big questions on their new song.

“From conception to dissolution, what do we leave behind?” wonders bassist Shane Embury (Brujeria, Napalm Death). “Or what can we? If our lives could be compared to a canvas of artwork, how defined and inspirational will it be to our next of kin? Was it fulfilled and true? Can they learn from the mistakes we all make?”

If Lock Up will inspire Embury’s next of kin is a question that can’t be answered today. Demonization doesn’t have a set release date in the United States yet, but it will be coming to Europe on March 10 through Listenable Records. Follow the band for updates on an official release date stateside.