Primal Rite Show The ‘Sensory Link Through Pain’ On New Track

Primal Rite deliver punishing, straightforward hardcore that rules; you might be familiar with them from this 7” stream over the summer but if you aren’t (or even if you are), acquainting yourself with this new song isn’t a bad idea. 

“Sensory Link to Pain” is overflowing with riffs. The Bay Area group adds influences of thrash, death and crossover to their already brutalizing metallic hardcore. That is to say, there’s always a riff, breakdown or guitar solo. Nothing in “Sensory Link to Pain” feels like filler.

Formed from the pieces of also-Bay Area hardcore band Scalped, Primal Rite quickly joined forces with Revelation Records. More info and preorders for Primal Rite’s upcoming 7” will be available soon— head over to Revelation Records’ website to stay up to date.