Track Premiere: Call of the Void ‘Get In The Van’ With New Lineup

Colorado’s Call of the Void may have experienced lineup changes in the process of recording their new record, AYFKM, but they’re no less explosive for it. “Get In The Van” lets Call of the Void flex both their sludge and grinding punk muscles.

“Get In The Van” starts off with the sludge muscles, going low, slow and noisy. Before long, it bursts into a metallic explosion of punk and grind that keeps a fast pace for the rest of the song. 

“The elephant in the room is that our vocalist Steve Vanica is no longer in the band,” drummer Gordon Koch says. “Not only did we have to learn how to sing ourselves, but to also reconfigure how we set up, play and structure the songs. In a way, it was refreshing to take on a recording at such a different angle.”

He says that though it was refreshing to record in a different way than Call of the Void have in the past, it was also stressful because they had to maintain their sound. 

At the end of the day, he says they are still Call of the Void and they still have the same mentality as they did with Vanica in the band. 

“Clarity, longevity and still just playing what we love,” Koch commented. “No gimmicks, no bullshit, just 4 people busting their ass to play some tough shit in front of people. We are digging up inspiration from some different roots, things that we are just as passionate about as the first two releases but adjusting the focus. This is our first release without Steve, but it still sounds like us and we’re very proud of that.”

And, true to punk form, Call of the Void deals with the chaos of life today on “Get In the Van.” 

“AYFKM is a short collection of songs that reflect our feelings about how preposterous modern life is,” Koch says. “From hyper sensitivity censoring general discourse to domestic and international terrorism, life as a band becomes more difficult in the conquest for fleeting success.”

Preorder AYFKM through Translation Loss Records here before it hits the streets on December 16.