Video Premiere: Aenaon – ‘Earth Tomb’

Over the course of more than a decade, Aenaon have navigated the Greek underground black metal scene, experimenting with their unique take on the genre. To accompany a brand new song, “Earth Tomb,” from their upcoming full-length Hypnosophy, Aenaon have dropped an unsettling music video. 

The video’s perspective is dreamlike, shifting from a forest inhabited by tribal people to a city. Both views are unsettling; in the forest, a man is the focus of a shamanistic ritual. In the city, a woman’s face is covered by a birdlike mask as the man passes her on dimly lit streets. Throughout it all, the man looks terrified and confused. Add in a baby and a few skulls and the question is left unanswered… how much of this is real? 

A saxophone can be heard throughout “Earth Tomb,” creating an oddly uplifting melody that works its way in and out of the song. Half-chanted half-sung vocals mix with the band’s eccentric writing and fit the shamanistic ritual in the video. 

The band explains the confusing video, but ultimately this is a journey with no real beginning and no real end.

“A short, cinematic film beyond deathlike dreaming, it takes a step inwards the very existence of humanity, the search for inner truth. Are dreams the dimension or a parallel existence? The boundaries of the mind become blurry through the eyes of a tortured man trapped in a barren earth. This journey has no destination but oblivion and anguish.”

“Awake in a nightmare, this time there is no salvation, only lunacy and beyond,” the band adds. “Welcome to hell, welcome to Earth.”

Hypnosophy will be released in the United States through Code666 on December 9 and is up for preorder.