Encrotchment Week 11 with Eddie Gobbo of Something is Waiting

Dak Pick

 I watched a UFC fight last week, which was awesome by the way. I mean I love 20 minute fight intros with 30 second matches. The intro’s are truly the most important part of any competition. 

Oh, and I also like how everyone in UFC always says “Fuck You” to each other, which is really cool! How do they sleep at night knowing they are poisoning the 18-35 year olds of America with such language? Fuckers. 

Now if you’ve ever watched a UFC Pay Per View, you’d know that the cameras constantly pan to the crowd focusing on “celebrities” that are in the house, in an attempt to make their event seem like “the place to be.” I’m really stoked that the NFL has calmed this down with doing this similar lame move since the passing of James Gandolfini, who they consistently focused in on after every Jet play for about five seasons. He basically had the same reaction after every play, good or bad.


I remember seeing the camera focus in on singer Nick Jonas in the crowd. Next to him was Singer Demi Levato. Seeing the camera, she instinctually put her head down avoiding the camera. I immediately said to myself, “Ok, these two are secretly dating, and she’s embarrassed of him.” (They’re not dating, by the way, she’s dating the other guy).

Regardless, I saw the same Levato look on Tony Romo’s face on the sidelines after every big play from Dak Prescott on the road against the Steelers in their 35-30 win. It was the, “Oh, god. This Rookie took my job forever” look.

The Dallas Cowboys have consistently been the best team in Football this year. And everyone, and I MEAN EVERYONE, was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and Rookie QB sensation Dak Prescott to get pulled for veteran QB Tony Romo. This past week against the Steelers was the time for that to happen if any.  And it didn’t. Dak played an amazing game: 22 for 32 with 312 Yards and Two Touchdowns. Also, he finally got Dez Bryant rolling, which is huge for them going forward! 

After the game, Tony Romo had NO CHOICE but to respond to the QB controversy, and he did it with class, saying that Dak has earned the starting job going forward. Great great moment for Romo. Classy, classy dude. 

“He’s earned the right to be our Quarterback.”

So now Dak is the guy going forward and, baring catastrophic collapse or injury, he’ll be leading them in to the playoffs. 

Week 11 marks the first time Tony Romo will be active since Week 1,  against the Baltimore Ravens. If this game is a blowout on the Cowboys’ end, don’t be surprised if HC Jason Garrett goes to Romo in the Fourth Quarter to knock some dust off. Let’s at least keep this dude close by in case of emergencies, sort of thing. 

As for Dak, props to him for officially usurping a legit, tenured, healthy, proven, and loved QB. I’m so stoked to see the direction this kid goes in leading Dallas, and where Tony Romo goes from here. 


The AFC West this year is like Death Row Records in the 90’s. You’ve got Tu Pac, Dre, and Snoop level talent, all under one roof. 

The irony: The best QB in the AFC West is without a doubt Philip Rivers. It’s just a shame that his team is so inferior to the division’s counterparts. If Rivers was on any one of the teams in his division other than his, said team would be the favorite to win the Superbowl this year. 

As for the two teams that are actually good: The Raiders are the sexy pick to come out of this Division with the title and a first round bye. They are the most well rounded team. Best QB. Youngest team. Ok defense. This team is really two players away on the defensive side of the ball from being the best team in Football. I wish two players from the 2012 Raiders were on this team:  Nnamdi Asomugha and Richard Seymour. Veteran leadership and experienced playmakers is what this team lacks.

The Chiefs have the experience. Andy Reid is a great coach, and he gears up his team to win the games they’re supposed to, win about 75% of the games that are toss ups, and loss every game they’re supposed to lose easily. We may like the Chiefs against a team like the Steelers or Texans in a playoff scenario, but can we like them against a team like New England? I remember I knew New England would destroy them last year in the playoffs, and the result was in conjunction with that. 

The Broncos are really the best team in this division. Their defense is the best, which will travel well during a playoff run. CJ Anderson’s injury is the only thing that bums me out about them going deep. A compromised run game will affect their chances to grind out a game in a cold weather environment. He was having a career season prior to his injury.

The winner though will ultaitmely be us. There’s nothing better than an inter-division class in the playoffs, which I’m thinking we’re going witness. 

Not my MVP

When you disagree with something these days, all you have to say is “Not My _” and it’s all good. 

I’m prepared to say that if Tom Brady doesn’t win MVP this year. Seriously. 

And it’s shaping up like he won’t. 

Again, Dallas: Rookie Ezekiel Elliot has moved in to the lead for MVP talks headed in to Week 11. I think it’s important to note that Tom Brady, at the end of this, will more than likely be more deserving of the award, but will come in a distant second as a final stoked of punishment for the deflate gate scandal. He’s been blacklisted this year after serving a four game suspension, and that’s not changing. But rest assured, he is THE MAN. And to be the man, WOOOO, you’ve got to beat the Man. Dallas/New England Is my wishlist Superbowl. 

And Brady I’m sure agrees. He ultimately cares about nothing more than winning the Superbowl this year and going down as the undisputed Greatest QB in history, will get over this unfair treatment. I also am very stoked with this new Foot Locker commercial featuring Brady.

I haven’t been to a Foot Locker in years, because I only wear dress shoes now, but I’m happy their still around making people happy. 

Also, you guys know the Foot Locker trick? Ask to try on a pair of shoes, you put on the new shoes, and take your old ones and put them in the shoe box, and walk out. Works well. 

La Recolucion Will Be Televised

Im very excited for this weeks Monday night game between the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders, and how could you not be? First off, it’s two very good teams pecking at each other. Make no mistake about it, the Raiders will be playing with much more of a sense of urgency based on their Division, which I already told you about. The Texans, not so much. They can put up some bogus performances and still find themselves in the playoffs six weeks from now. Their Coach almost is paranoid that they are winning. Watch Bill O’Brien the next team he’s interviewed after a win. It’s almost as if he wants to change the subject. 

But heres why im really stoked about this game: it takes place in Mexico City. The game is sold out, and people are ready to have a good time, myself included. I would LOVE to be at this game. It’s the start of something I hope continues: Latin America in the NFL. Obviously, the booking of the Houston and Oakland teams were strategic. Perhaps the date of the game post election was strategic as well.

I think the elephant in the room is weather or not Donald Trump will show up as a spectator.

I’m being serious. There’s rumor he will.

I don’t believe he will. However, an event like this is arguably the closest thing to a neutralized environment that Trump will ever be able to exist on Mexico soil.

He’ll pussy out. We all know that. 

I mean, Mike Pence can’t even attend a performance of Hamilton in New York City without getting heckled by the downtrodden New Yorkers who regularly pay 1,000 a ticket for a Broadway show.

My Fam? Not a Fan.
I’ve  thrown shade at all things Green Bay since I’ve been born. But this week I read a really sad story and I couldn’t help but feel for the team’s leader, Aaron Rodgers. 


The Green Bay Packers this year and an underachieving team. They’re healthy. The schedule seems to cater to them. Yet they can’t put wins together. Other than Head Coach Mike McCarthy, who will lose his job this offseason if his team doesn’t make the playoffs, Aaron Rodgers has been the biggest scapegoat. People have accused him of not having his head in the game, heavily stemming from family issues that have become common knowledge. We learned from this season of The Bachelorette that Rodgers hasn’t talked to his brother (a contestant on the show) for two years. But apparently it goes much deeper than that with Rodgers, according to this article.

-He hasn’ t talked to anyone in his immediate family for over two years. 

– He family tries to send him presents. He doesn’t accept them. 

– He has banned his family from coming to Green Bay (Not sure how that works, but apparently everyone in Green Bay accommodates this). 

– He falked on being the best man at the wedding of a family member the day before the wedding. 

– And the saddest, he didnt go to the recent funeral of his grandfatherl; a man who he called before everyone of his Football games in his college and professional career.

I’m curious to know what could have driven such a wedge in this family. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of family rifts in the US are money related. But could money even be the issue here? Comparison: WWE Superstar John Cena, a guy who makes a fraction of what Rodgers makes, has basically gone on record saying that he  supports both his parents and three of his brothers. So if Cena is cool with it, and Rodgers is essentialy set to be the most paid player in the NFL, whats the issue? 

This bums me out greatly, and I really think it’s time, most likely during the off season, for this to be hashed out. He’s a young man with the world at his fingertips. There’s no need for him to purposely avoid working past this. 

Jungle 2 Jungle

The gift Aaron Rodgers parents keep trying to send him. 

Magic- Like

You know if this guy screws up one long snap this year, the first thing he’ll hear is “do it again and YOU’LL disappear.”


Pick of the Week

Bears +7.5 over the Giants