Track Premiere: Black Hole Generator – ‘Moloch’

Before the first notes of Black Hole Generator’s “Moloch” reach your ears, there is something sinister about the song’s subject. A Canaanite god, Moloch was associated with child sacrifice. 

There are plenty of melodic moments in “Moloch,” from the ritualistic tone of its opening seconds to the underlying lead guitar melodies (courtesy of Taake/Orkan guitarist Gjermund Fredheim) but there is no shortage of sinister energy present too. 

Building from trancelike melodies to a powerful crescendo, Black Hole Generator then explodes into high-speed blast beats and tremolo picking. By the song’s end, the speed has reached a peak as vocalist Bjørnar Nilsen cries out to Moloch with the screams of a man possessed. 

“’Moloch’ was one of the first tracks that was finalized for the album. It is one of my personal favourites from A Requiem for Terra and works as a centerpiece for the album. It embodies the bleak atmosphere of the album, spanning most of its dynamic range. Starting off as a mesmerizing hymn to the deity Moloch, it is broken up by frantic, furious parts tearing one out from the mantric slumber. On this track I was lucky to get Gjermund from Taake/Orkan on board on lead guitars, and his contribution really shines on this one!”

Black Hole Generator will set A Requiem for Terror loose in full through Dark Essence Records on November 25. Grab a preorder here