Decibrity Playlist: Intronaut

Not only did Intronaut just release its fourth full-length, Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones), on Tuesday, but the band also recently wrapped up a tour in support of Meshuggah. Needless to say, the quartet probably spent quite a bit of time driving from show to show. Sacha Dunable was kind enough to pass along his “stoney driving” playlist, any further description of which would just find us wasting words (though we will point out that, much like his peers in BATILLUS and Kowloon Walled City, extreme selections are the exception and this marks the second mention of Jaga Jazzist in three weeks). Feel free to listen along here.

Nik Bärtsch’s “Modul 22” (from 2004’s REA)
This is probably the nerdiest shit you could ever be into, but counting out intense polyrhythms can be a great way to pass time on long drives. Have you heard this band? It’s like if Meshuggah was a jazz band. We love them and rip them off very often on the new record.

Tortoise’s “Crest” (from 2004’s It’s All Around You)
It’s really all about just letting this whole record ride, but this song is great. All their records are a great soundtrack to a drive through anything from Bavaria to Nebraska.


The Roots’ “Mellow My Man” (from 1995’s Do You Want More?!!!??!)
Ahmir Khalib Thompson presumably changed his name to Questlove not because that was a reasonable name for a human to have, but because he is one of the best musicians to ever live so who is going to tell him shit? This band and record totally smoke “like Al B Sure, for your pleasoore.”


Jaga Jazzist’s “Toccata” (from 2010’s One-Armed Bandit)
There is a video on YouTube of them playing this song live in a church, and it will blow your mind. Don’t watch it while driving on tour though. Great tune for when you want to feel like you’re manning the Death Star on a mission to nuke some Ewoks.


Augustus Pablo’s “King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown” (from 2009’s The Very Best Of Augustus Pablo Gold)
Reggae has always been up there with “Irish-themed punk rock” for me as a contender for the Weakest Bullshit Excuse for Music Ever award, but a few years ago I got turned on to some good stuff and eventually got really stoked on a lot of dub reggae, which is reggae made better and way stonier by adding delays and other effects to drums, guitars, vocals, whatever. This guy in particular is rad, and this song is my favorite from him. Most of it is actually samples from a song called “Baby I Love You So” by a guy named Jacob Miller.


The Cinematic Orchestra’s “Burn Out” (from 2002’s Every Day)
Another group that makes me feel like I am totally wasting my time trying to make music. This particular track, at about 10 minutes in length, is perfect for long drives where you won’t be interrupted by much more than some mid-slumber flatulence by your bandmates.


D’Angelo’s “Playa Playa” (from 2000’s Voodoo)
This whole record is just inhuman. I got turned onto this by my bandmate Dave [Timnick] a few years ago and now its one of my favorites for these tour drives. Dude wrote and performed most of this record himself, and when he wasn’t playing all the instruments he had Pino Paladino and Questlove step in to help. Everything is so behind the beat it should be wrong, but instead it just grooves way too hard.


Snoop Dogg’s “Fresh Pair Of Panties On” (from 2004’s R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece)
Do I really need to explain why this song is one of the most important moments in musical history? Just listen to it, unless you don’t want the rest of your day to be awesome.


Sleep’s “Dopesmoker” (from 2003’s Dopesmoker)
Proceed your weedian ass to Nazareth.


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