Not Enough Horror Business, with Seven Sisters of Sleep. And You. And Prizes. And an Advance Stream of their New Album

There’s a lot of business and entertaining reading for y’all to get down to this week. You don’t need me gumming up the gears with my special brand of bullshit. Los Angeles-based servants of evil/slaves of Satan, Seven Sisters of Sleep have a new album at the ready. It’s called Opium Morals and it sounds like Ol’ Nick himself is under the floorboards, pounding back shots of kerosene and killing babies before picking up his 13-string bass to jam on Floor and Eyehategod covers while roasting his liver and pancreas over a bunson burner. Check out a full album stream of all the sonic debauchery.

While you become moved to slowly carve inverted crosses on your forearms and shave pentagrams in your chest hair, the fellows behind the racket have provided a few suggestions should you decide to spend next Halloween not robbing neighbourhood kids of their bounty. The folks at A389 Records have a bunch of copies of said album available for those of you who fancy yourselves as satanic horror movie fans. Maybe even buffs.

Here be the details:
CONTEST: Submit your favorite Satanic Horror Movie, with explanation, in this post’s comments section. The band themselves will pick the best entry and three runner ups. Contest Ends 4/1/2013

GRAND PRIZE: Opium Morals 12″ Test Press (All Three Colors of the LP)
Runner Up Prizes: CD Copy of Opium Morals

Here be the band’s choices:
Brian Thomas (Drums), Nude For Satan

Look at that title. it really says everything that needs to be said about this Italian fever dream of a film. Few things are as blatantly satanic as naked European women. That is concrete fact. This satanosexploitation film from director Luigi Batzella is admittedly kind of hard to follow, but it delivers on many fronts. Gritty cinematography, surreal gothic atmosphere, glorious overuse of snap zooms, and the titular (couldn’t resist the pun) and rampant nakedness of Italian actresses. It’s all here and trashy in the best way. There is a giant spider that couldn’t have cost more than $1000 to create and must be seen to be believed. Is it mysoginistic? Yeah, sure, but it never gets too mean-spirited. Shannon Tweed would have signed the dotted line were this made in 1991, but it wasn’t. It was made in the 70’s like the majority of great exploitation. It’s flawed and senseless, but so was the Hollywood satanic movement spearheaded by master carny, Anton Lavey. Merely an excuse for orgies. Do people get nude for Jesus? Fuck no. They get Nude for Satan!

deciblog - nude-for-satan

Eddie Bermudez (Guitar), The Omen
Set aside the fact that I saw this movie when I was about seven years old and my parents gave my brother the middle name of Damien (the antichrist in the film…questionable parenting? …perhaps….), The Omen is not only one of the most satanic films, but for a mainstream movie , it is one of the best horror films you can watch. Not only does the Antichrist take the form of a child, but there’s also a wild pack of “guardian” rottwielers. Theres an “accidental” miscarriage at the hands of a child and a classic sucide scene that takes place in fornt of a bunch of five year-olds riding a merry-go-round. To seal the deal, there is the film score; the main song is titled ‘Ave Satani’ …come on! Lyrics are chanted, not sung…”We drink the blood, we eat the flesh, raise the body of Satan” There you go. Hail Satan.

deciblog - omen_ver2

Brock Elmore (Guitar), Mark of the Devil
Crucial German witch hunt movie. Ultra-violent, plenty of tits, and rife with all-around nasty behavior. The original title is Hexen bis aufs Blut gequält, which translates beautifully to “Witches Are Tortured To Death.” Less a film about Satanism in the style of traditional ritualistic or possession films, the point here is more on the path of fanatical religious hysteria brought on by the purveyors of true Satanic obsession, The Church. This one comes with plenty of graphic scenes of rape, torture, and beatings carried out for the simple satanic pleasure of inflicting pain, or as they prefer to say it “in the name of God.”

deciblog - Mark-of-the-devil-poster

Chip Blake (Bass), The Devils Rain
As a band, there is no secret that we are heavily inspired by movies. The Devil’s Rain may be chiefmost among those movies. Combining the best elements of spaghetti western atmosphere with very nihilistic and near clinical horror, The Devil’s Rain is a criminally forgotten film. William Shatner, of all people, stars opposite one of the best portrayals of Satan ever committed by the late Ernest Borgnine. To the uninformed, you see those names and you might want to call bullshit. You’d be so sorely mistaken. This is the real deal. Anton LaVey served as technical advisor and cameos as the high priest. It’s that real of deal. There is clear influence in the modern, and excellent, House of The Devil, so at least the spirit of this film has found appreciation even though some audiences may not know it. That ending reminds you of a hard truth, Ernest Borgnine is a badass.

deciblog - TheDevilsRain

Tim McAlary (Vocals) Weekend at Bernie’s 2
Only the eternal black magic of father lord Satan can preserve a human corpse for as long as Bernie Lomax’s was. An entire 4 years passed between 1989’s best film to 1993’s best film. And Bernie could not look better. It’s clear he sold his soul for eternal youth, not eternal life. The fucking priceless scene where Bernie is reggae voodooed into reanimation is more satanic than anything ever. A major complaint in the sequel is that Ben Silverman seems to decide on one accent and stick with it for the whole movie. A serious misstep in the Weekend at Bernie’s canon.

deciblog - weekend at

Available 3/28/2013 on A389 Recordings