STREAMING: Immolation “Kingdom of Conspiracy”

Immolation’s been kicking the death metal coffin for longer than most of you—they formed in 1988—have been alive. Go back a few more years when the Yonkers troupe were Rigor Mortis (not to be confused with the Texas-based Hall of Famers Rigor Mortis) and before that Defcon, well, it’s fair to say the surviving members of the original lineup attained Veteran Status long before we learned to appreciate the awesomeness, say, Spiritual Healing or Like an Everflowing Stream or Annotations of an Autopsy (Joke? You decide.).
Well, fellow denizens of death, old hats and young guns, Immolation have returned with Kingdom of Conspiracy. As the ninth album since 1991’s Hall of Fame-worthy Dawn of Possession, it shows Immolation as a group of no compromise. Sure, they experiment here and there, but the long-timers are tried and true chaos-fed death. It’s Immolation’s signature, in fact. OK, before dB bores you to death (hey, that’ll work, right?) with more fine-fingered prose about Immolation, their storied history, and our absolute honor in streaming the title track to Kingdom of Conspiracy, let’s just listen to some ruling tuneage. May your Thursday be mighty.

** Immolation’s new album, Kingdom of Conspiracy, is out May 14th on Nuclear Blast Records. The record is available for PRE-ORDER by clicking HERE. You better do it now, ’cause come Judgment Day good Lord Evil will know which side of the death metal fence you sit on. The brawny side or the loafers light side.