VIDEO: Palkoski’s Cinematic Grind

Sometimes in the face of overwhelming shittiness, we need a little something to distract us. We suspect that a pretty large number of our brethren (and sistren, or whatever…) are currently without the ability to log onto the Interhole at the moment thanks to Sandy but for those who are, here’s something that is completely not about reality.
This clip comes to us courtesy of Vienna, VA, grinders Palkoski and their label Heavy Hound. Palkoski, formerly known as The Seventh Gate, is fronted by vocalist Frank Palkoski and is currently supporting its latest release for Heavy Hound, The Oblivious Ape (Who Covets Its Own). This video was filmed at a recent show with Human Services last month and was assembled by a friend of the band who presented it to them the next day as a surprise. And quite a surprise it is. Check it out.

Palkoski from Whisker on Vimeo.