Drag A Prize Widowmaker Into Sunlight

In less than one week Dragged Into Sunlight will unleash Widowmaker, and while perhaps not quite powerful enough to actually slay a significant other, it is a churning, seething beast of a record sure to raise the bar in the world of pitch black epic, serpentine metal. Those sky high post-Hatred for Mankind expectations? Widowmaker blows right past them. And Decibel is offering you a shot at taking home a free T-shirt/CD combo package, courtesy the extreme metal stalwarts over at Prosthetic Records.
Here’s what you need to do:

Dragged Into Sunlight calls Widowmaker “a concept album from beginning to end. It’s different yet still leaves the listener thinking whether jumping out a fourth floor window might actually be the best idea they’ve ever had.” That’s pretty hardcore, but we know our readers and are confident they can do better. So check out the official preview embedded below, then leave a comment below explaining how you plan to top a fourth floor swan dive and this slab of exquisite brutality could be yours.