STREAMING: Hooded Menace “Theme from Tenebre” + Contest

Samhain is upon us! It’s better known as All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween these days, but that’s the Christians-supplanting-an-ancient-pagan-ritual-for-conversion-purposes naming convention thing. Ah, they did such dastardly deeds all over Europe, the Near East, Africa, Asia, and so forth. Anyway, it’s time for the leaves to turn a golden brown, the air to have a chill in it, and for ghastly creatures to go bump in the night. You know, festivals of the dead-type stuff.
To celebrate Samhain—pronounced ‘so-win’ or ‘sow-en’—we’ve got Finnish death metal nasties Hooded Menance to contribute their version of Goblin’s “Tenebre” theme. They’ve been known for their death metal renditions of classic horror tunes, but “Theme from Tenebre” is sure to please Hooded Menace nutters and Tenebre director Dario Argento, ’cause this version’s dirty, doomy, and scary. Goblin’s original’s a bit, uh, flashing lights and disco heels.

“Our version of the Tenebre soundtrack is pretty old recording dating back to 2008 or so,” says Hooded Menace haunter Lasse Pyykkö from his Finnish jack-o’-lantern. “Hopefully, it’ll get you in the Halloween mood! Halloween is not a big thing here in Finland. It’s a good reminder to watch Carpenter’s classic Halloween movie again though!”

Is that all? Not even close. Whereas kids get candy corn and those vile peanut butter chews in their pillow cases, we’re giving away two (2) copies of Hooded Menace’s new album, Effigies of Evil, and two (2) copies of Serpentine Path’s new self-titled platter to (un)lucky Decibelites.

Just email us HERE. Winners chosen at random by Decibot’s sentient excrement.

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