In the next issue of Decibel – at least, I think it’s the next issue. I’ve been one of Mudrian’s ink-spilling bitches since day one and I still haven’t figured out when an issue comes out in relation to when I submit copy – I reviewed the soundtrack to the horror/gore flick, Afterparty Massacre. To wit, I’ve already exhausted my A-one material and top-shelf witticisms about the relationship between heavy metal and horror/slasher movies. In case you haven’t yet heard, Afterparty Massacre takes place at an Incantation show in Cleveland where a female serial killer snaps and goes on a psychopathic killing spree, assumedly after having her brain steeped in death metal for a decade or two. Check out the trailers:

Now, I’ve never been to a show where people go so off the deep end as to gore each other with power tools and the local, ahem, talent are inclined to make out and do the vagina-scissor thing with one another, and I’m willing to wager that co-directors Incantation drummer Kyle Severn and Kristoff Bates haven’t either. But what the heck? Even those who’ve “seen it all” on the road and in the most outlandish of murderous depictions on celluloid probably have bizarre daydreams and fantasies gnawing at their curiosity nerves.

Hence, Afterparty Massacre. And in order to celebrate its October 11th release, the creators have put giveaways and contests galore on the table. Follow this link to, fill in your info and electronic John Hancock and you’re in the running to win a copy of the movie, a copy of the soundtrack CD (featuring Ibex Moon recording artists Incantation, Denial Fiend, Cardiac Arrest, Fatalist, Estuary, Gravehill, Goreaphobia, Funerus, Soulless, Feral and Lifeless), a limited edition Incantation/Denial Fiend split 7” and weapon props used in the filming.

The grand prize is a Denial Fiend/Sam Williams custom guitar from the folks at Plan 916 Guitars (pictured below). It’s easy, and probably somewhat sleazy, to enter so check it out. It must be noted that whichever one of you gore-thirsty, death metal hounds that wins the Plan 916/Williams custom axe is not allowed to return it in disgust when you find out Sam used to play in Down by Law.