2011 NFL Preview: Tony Foresta on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We’re just a few weeks away from the return of the NFL, thank god. So, as usual, we contacted some of our favorite extreme musicians to pump up the underachieving fuck-ups they call their favorite teams. This Thursday, Muni Waste mouthpiece Tony Foresta is feeling good about the out-of-nowhere/on-the-rise Bucs.
I didn’t even bother writing a column last year for Decibel. I was pissed. If you recall the year before, I predicted the Bucs owners, the Glazer family, were going to purposely bomb the Bucs (similar to the storyline of the epic motion picture Major League) in an attempt to open a position for the much loved coach Tony Dungy’s return (total pipe dream, I know). Well, like I called it, they bombed. But instead of replacing the coach, this same coach who just bombed comes out and says they’re going to win 10 games the following year. I’m not gonna lie, I rolled my eyes. I mean, I’m all about rebuilding, but who does this guy think he is? Did he even watch the games he was coaching? The race to 10 wins is what he called it. Flash forward a year later and what happens? 10-6! 10 and frickin 6?! The year before, we were a 3-13 team. Now 10-6! Woo-hoo! What a turnaround. And after all of that, we still couldn’t get into the playoffs due to one of the weirdest wild card scenarios I have ever seen.

Despite pouting all summer about our playoff near-miss, I am really optimistic about the Bucs this season. I think our coach is great. Coach Raheem Morris has not only done a good job of getting behind the players and getting folks in Tampa excited again, but he has also helped build one hell of an offense. With a killer offensive line and the outstanding third year quarterback Josh Freeman (who steadily shows improvement week after week), it’s hard to believe that a lot of these players are only rookies. This offense is really exciting to watch and, provided they stay healthy, it’s looking like they could grow into a serious force in the NFL this year.

I wish I could say the same about our defense, which was unfortunately one of the worst in the NFL last year. A far cry from the Super Bowl Bucs defense that ruled the NFL 10 years ago with an iron fist. Aside from that, there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.
Tampa Bay picked up three key defensive players in the first three rounds of the draft this year. It’s obvious that coach Morris is well aware of their little defensive problem and is getting some young blood out there to remedy the situation (much like he did last year with the offense). Its good to see the Glazer family getting behind their coach and giving him time to build a young and strong new team rather than just trying to blow money by hiring washed up veterans and flushing coaches and QBs down the drain year after year like the Redskins and so many other teams do year after year (sorry Brokie!).

I think folks really need to keep their eyes on Tampa this year. There’s a sleeping giant, folks, and while everyone is drooling over the Green Bay Packers (who still look great) and getting behind the Vick/Young hype train going on in Philly, there is a new monster growing in the NFC South. Don’t ignore this beast before its too late!