Literary Metalheads Unite, For Like Five Minutes!

First off, can someone send me a picture that would fall under the search title “Metalhead Reading”? Jesus Inverted Christ, the internet, all I want is a guy with gauntlets and a novel. It can’t be that elusive. Anyways, the post-metal version of book publishers, McSweeney’s, put up this game the other day that asks you to guess whether or not the following are metal band names or collective nouns. It may not be as easy as you think, or maybe you’re just the kind of long-haired freak who’s obsessed with count nouns that denote a group of individuals. But let’s do this:

A. Culture of Bacteria
B. Piteousness of Doves
C. Dawn of Azazel
D. Skein of Goslings
E. Woods of Ypres
F. Keep of Kalessin
G. Siege of Bitterns
H. Sons of Otis
I. Sounder of Boar
J. Plague of Rats
K. Generation of Vipers
L. Silent Stream of Godless Elegy

Click here to see the answers and tell us how you got all of them right in the comments so we can praise you and your kin. Also, if you’re still looking for a band name, here is an impressive list of collective nouns. I personally can’t wait to witness the brutal shredding from Implausibility of Gnus when they hit the road.