Decibel Announces Exclusive FLEXI DISC Series!

The heaviest music magazine in North America just got half an ounce heavier — the most vicious, crushing half an ounce you’ve ever experienced. It gives us tremendous pleasure to announce the launch of the Decibel Flexi Series. From now on, Decibel will treat its loyal subscribers to a new, extremely limited vinyl flexi disc bound into the magazine every month. Each disc in our series will feature 100 percent exclusive songs from the artists we’ve assiduously covered over our six-year history — we’re talking previously unreleased tracks, covers, live brutality, demos, alternate takes, re-recordings and more. Our January 2011 issue (streeting December 9) features the inaugural flexi – sponsored by our good friends at Scion A/V– and kicks things off with a blast, with unreleased material from the mighty Brutal Truth. The second will feature an unreleased Enslaved track.
With Decibel’s seal of approval, each flexi disc in this monthly series will be an instant collectible. These vinyl pieces will remain in the collections of metalheads for dozens of years (think of it as the metal equivalent of Sub Pop’s “Singles Club” series of the early 1990s). And Decibel will be the only publication in the entire world producing a series quite like this.