Vicious Rumors

STREAMING: Vicious Rumors “Razorback Killers” (Album)

April 1, 2011

On March 1st, we streamed new Vicious Rumors tune, “Razorback Blade”. It ruled. Yeah, we’re sure you said, “Vicious Who”? They’re ’80s. Not as in nu-’80s, but ’80s. They were there when riffs were fast (as a shark, possibly?), aggression was the primary emotion, and white Reebok hightops (the ones with the big, floppy tongues)…

STREAMING: Vicious Rumors “Razorback Blade”

March 1, 2011

On rare occasions, it’s best to shut the “Forget You” up and let the music to the talking. I could blab about the last Vicious Rumors album to stay in the collection was 1990’s superlative Vicious Rumors album, but what’s the point? The Californians have, for all intents and purposes, survived every heavy metal trend…