STREAMING: Vicious Rumors “Razorback Blade”

On rare occasions, it’s best to shut the “Forget You” up and let the music to the talking. I could blab about the last Vicious Rumors album to stay in the collection was 1990’s superlative Vicious Rumors album, but what’s the point?
The Californians have, for all intents and purposes, survived every heavy metal trend out there. Thrash metal. Vicious Rumors were part of it–they formed in 1980! The original wave. Death metal. Severed but survivors. Black metal. Still reeling from all the Northern Darkness, but making do. Doom metal. No effect. Folk metal. No effect. The resurgence of thrash metal, second wave. Bands like Bewitched and Desaster. Troglodytes. The re-resurgence of thrash metal, third wave. Vicious Rumors are in the thick of it. Feeling it like they’re 18 and horny again.

Wait, I’ve yammered for far too long. Just listen to “Razorback Blade” and ‘bang some hopefully not-tattooed melon. It’s what I’m doing this very second.

“Razorback Blade”

And if you’re wondering what “Razorback Blade” is about, well, Vicious Rumors longtime guitarist/co-vocalist Geoff Thorpe details the nitty-fucking-gritty: “‘Razorback Blade’ is a killer. The killer inside you that wants to get out! It’s the name of a killer out for blood. Some one who will stop at nothing to get what they want! The song is a speed metal downhill rush of power. Faster and faster! Power more power was a quote  from a fan. When we played this song live last year and it was like an explosion of energy on stage! Our fans loved it and made a point to tell me about it! It was a great feeling. The impact from the fans on the last tour is what made us go with Razorback Killers for the title. We play for blood at every show! We are the Razorback Killers! Vicious Rumors are one of the last bands of our kind! The older we get the more wicked we sound! I can’t wait to play more songs from Razorback Killers live!”

** Vicious Rumors new album Razorback Killers is out Apr 5, 2011 on SPV Records. Order it here.