Twitching Tongues

Dawn of “Uncreation”: Exclusive Disgrace Premiere!

January 20, 2015

Courtesy many of the same scene levelers who brought you Twitching Tongues and Nails now comes Disgrace, a quartet that seamlessly marries true blue classic American death metal buzz n’ pummel to premium metallic hardcore for a sound that is worthy of the predictably sick Dan Seagrave cover artwork. This morning we’ve got the exclusive…

Real Time War: Exclusive Twitching Tongues Premiere!

July 14, 2014

Not a huge fan of live records? Me either. But Twitching Tongues actually kill it on World War LIVE, a venture into the format that serves the band’s roiling, infectious Integrity-meets-old-school-Life-of-Agony sound shockingly well. Here’s the cutesy official explanation… Recorded live in the Van Nuys stadium called THE PIT in front of twenty screaming fans,…

STREAMING: Twitching Tongues “World War V”

July 23, 2013

Neo-barbarians is how Twitching Tongues has been described. Now, most of the time when you hear the word barbarian you picture classic bronzed ‘n’ buffed Arnie in a majestic loincloth and wielding the Atlantean sword. Well, I guess barbarians of present day dress in black and instead of decapitating with a finely crafted weapon of…