STREAMING: Twitching Tongues “World War V”

Neo-barbarians is how Twitching Tongues has been described. Now, most of the time when you hear the word barbarian you picture classic bronzed ‘n’ buffed Arnie in a majestic loincloth and wielding the Atlantean sword. Well, I guess barbarians of present day dress in black and instead of decapitating with a finely crafted weapon of death, they use guitars, drums, and vocals. Twitching Tongues is one such band.
Formed Los Angeles and inspired by some of Roadrunner Records finest pensioners—Carnivore, Obituary, Life Of Agony—as well as artists as disparate as Celtic Frost, Sam Black Church, Cro-Mags and Sheer Terror, Twitching Tongues is bound to polarize. They will be those who deride on potluck qualities alone, while there will be true believers who wave the flags of Twitching Tongues’ hard-to-pin-down style of metal/hardcore/rock. Guesses are, after a few high profile tours, the Angel City boys will find success to the same degree as other bands who’ve ventured off the cliff of predictability.

So, bow down to Twitching Tongues sonic sword and be one of the first to hear the “next big thing.” Whether you like it or not is inconsequential.

** Twitching Tongues’ new album, In Love There Is No Law, is out August 20th on Closed Casket Activities. It’s available HERE if you dare.