Mortuary Drape

Five For Friday: November 3, 2023

November 3, 2023

Halloween may be over, but the terrors of metal never rest with the latest from Suffocation, Mortuary Drape, Warcrab and more!

Wildness Perversion (Mortuary Drape) interviewed

June 19, 2013

** Mortuary Drape are Italy’s oldest black metal export. But don’t rely on our words for the truth. Many a Norwegian—you know, the guys who made black metal a household name—genuflected at the altar of the Alessandria-based outfit. Just ask Fenriz next time you see him. He’ll tell you the demos were on par with…

Carnifex (Nefarium) interviewed

October 26, 2010

What is black metal?Carnifex: Nefarium’s (Myspace link) primary thought concerns the communicative aspect, with the idea that a black metal listener could understand a message of hate and anger towards those elements that can be [considered] personal. In an apathetic and driven world, powered by hypocrisy, we seek personal illumination to give the most adequate…