Q&A: Ashmedi (Melechesh) Reveals Secrets To The Epigenesis Instrumental Edition

October 10, 2022

Middle Eastern black metallers Melechesh release instrumental edition of The Epigenesis. Mainman Ashmedi lets Decibel into the magic circle.

Decibrity Playlist: Melechesh

February 19, 2015

Ashmedi is no stranger to this blog, having authored a 17-part “biographical column and chaotic metaphysical thoughts” series that ended in 2011. Now that his band Melechesh has returned with its first album since 2010, we’re happy to welcome his voice back in the form of a playlist. There’s no theme per se, but it’s…

Ashmedi’s (Melechesh) biographical column & chaotic metaphysical thoughts, Part XVII

May 24, 2011

Here I am back after a long silence. What can I say?! I naively thought I could be writing while on tour… I was wrong. For one, I was sick as a dog during the majority of the European tour, so for the most part the routine was: from bed to stage to bed. Day…

Ashmedi’s (Melechesh) biographical column & chaotic metaphysical thoughts, Part XVI

February 3, 2011

By Ashmedi (Melechesh) The first column for 2011. And it’s number 16. For a person who used to hate writing I find this quite the accomplishment.  2010 was very productive year. It is the year The Epigenesis was recorded and not long ago released, so I felt a sense of accomplishment and relief. We are…