Track Premiere: Exordium Mors “Flesh of the Heathen”

Exordium Mors

New Zealand-based blackened death-thrash outfit Exordium Mors storm metaldom from the Southern Hemisphere on new track “Flesh of the Heathen.” The first streaming track off the group’s upcoming sophomore album As Legends Fade and Gods Die, “Flesh of the Heathen” finds the Kiwis in an even deadlier position than on 2014’s The Apotheosis of Death. They’ve traversed the ravages of time and a global pandemic to emerge more lethal, cunning, and violent. Supporting Exordium Mors in their attack is new label Praetorian Sword Records.

Formed in Auckland in 2004, Exordium Mors got off the ground initially with EP Verus Hostis – A Hymn to Fire (2010), but made significant inroads into the Pacific Rim (and beyond) with the follow-up EP Sacrifice, Perish and Demise in 2012. Now, bolder, angrier, faster, and considerably more skilled, they’ve found the sweetest of abysses at the nexus of thrash, death, and black metals. Indeed, fans of Melechesh, Impiety, Desaster, and Zemial will certainly discover kinship in the razor-sharp, fast-as-fuck Exordium Mors.

Say Exordium Mors: “In magnificent splendor, by providence I extol this blasphemous vitriol. The world now bears witness to our savage and epic track ‘Flesh of the Heathen.’ This track was purposefully written musically, lyrically, and vocally into new territory for the band, whilst still retaining our incorrigible trademark style of serpentine riffs, frenetic drums’ and deadly vocal strikes. This song is an active challenge to all those which uphold a society full of complacent cancerous cowards — are you one of the few who stands against the tide or are you one of the many that will be swept away in the flood? Stand with us! ‘Flesh of the Heathen – Standing Aloof on Top of the World.”

OK, then, draw swords and spit fire. The battle is now with Exordium Mors!

** Exordium Mors new album, As Legends Fade And Gods Die, fires off officially October 31st on vinyl/digital via New Zealand-based indie Praetorian Sword Records. Vinyl fiends can pre-order HERE. The binary among us can get the digital via Bandcamp HERE.