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Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Eugene S. Robinson’s New Memoir ‘A Walk Across Dirty Water’

October 5, 2023

The following excerpt from Oxbow frontman Eugene S. Robinson‘s new memoir transports readers to the 1970s’ NYC and the genesis of Robinson’s old hardcore band Whipping Boy.

Feral House to Release Black Metal Coloring Book

July 25, 2018

Color in your dozens of black metal-inspired art with this new coloring book from Feral House.

Only Print is Real: How We Entered the Golden Age of Extreme Metal Books

September 13, 2017

Tom Gabriel Fischer, Ian Christe, Dayal Patterson and a host of authors and publisher discuss the rise of authoritative books in extreme metal.


April 29, 2013

Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult is a 600-page book by UK author Dayal Patterson that delves deep into the history and development of black metal as an art form and a culture. It is released on November 13th, but is now available to pre-order from Amazon at a discounted price. Published via Feral House,…