Ian Christe

Only Print is Real: How We Entered the Golden Age of Extreme Metal Books

September 13, 2017 Kevin Stewart-Panko

Tom Gabriel Fischer, Ian Christe, Dayal Patterson and a host of authors and publisher discuss the rise of authoritative books in extreme metal.

Sound of the Beast Author Ian Christe Sounds Off About Gojira

July 19, 2016 Daniel Lake

In an attempt to gain an outside perspective on our current cover stars, Gojira, we contacted author, radio personality and all-around bearded badass Ian Christe.  Here’s what our man had to say about his personal interest in the band and how he sees them fitting into the wider scope of the current metal scene.

Choosing Death Fest Grimposium Announces Additional Panelists and Workshops!

February 24, 2016 Jesse Chase

Choosing Death Fest is proud to announce more panel and workshop additions to our Grimposium event at Underground Arts at 12pm on April 16!