Damian Herring’s (Horrendous) Top 5 Obscure Death Metal Albums

February 11, 2019

Horrendous vocalist/guitarist/old-school death metal connoisseur Damian Herring unearths obscure gold in his Top 5 for Decibel.

Top 5 Death Metal Albums Marred by Terrible Production

March 27, 2017

The subject header from Albert read: “top 5 idea”. The body read: “The greatest death metal albums marred by terrible production.” He then presents three albums, Reek of PutrefactionThe Red in the Sky is Ours, and Breeding the Spawn. Immediately, I recognized a gold post idea if there ever was one.

Greeting Immortality, Eucharist’s Markus Johnsson & Daniel Erlandsson Talk Life Eternal

September 5, 2016

To a small number of people, Eucharist are legends. They were, in effect, part of the new wave of Swedish death metal, where outright brutality was replaced by cleverly designed aggression and insane heaviness was supplanted by unheard of musicality. That Eucharist, for a spell, shared rehearsal space with early incarnations of At the Gates and Dissection should speak volumes. And it does.