STREAMING: Dysangelium “Thánatos Áskēsis”

December 29, 2014

When we premiered Dysangelium’s “Ave Obscuritas Incarna” little over a month ago, faces melted and religions faltered (HERE). Well, Decibel and WTC Productions are hoping for a full skeletal collapse and for a great earthquake to swallow the Vatican whole after we premiere Dysangelium’s new album, Thánatos Áskēsis. “Every time we start working on new…

STREAMING: Dysangelium “Ave Obscuritas Incarna”

November 24, 2014

“You can expect it to sound like us,” said the Dysangelium brotherhood to Imperiumi recently. “We do not follow any specific path in terms of music and we have never been any need to try to sound like, for example, Swedish, Finnish or German. We improvise and experiment with a variety of things designed to…