STREAMING: Dysangelium “Ave Obscuritas Incarna”

“You can expect it to sound like us,” said the Dysangelium brotherhood to Imperiumi recently. “We do not follow any specific path in terms of music and we have never been any need to try to sound like, for example, Swedish, Finnish or German. We improvise and experiment with a variety of things designed to find and implement the central idea of the song and the sound.”
That sums up what the German black metal brethren have to say, musically and otherwise, on the streaming premiere of “Ave Obscuritas Incarna”, a wicked and twisted attack on the senses. Spiritually close to Ascension and Chaos Invocation but sonically different, Dysangelium are the vanguard of Europe’s new black metal sound. There are no compromises, no keyboard disco tracks, or guys wearing top hats. This is straight-up, throat-slitting black metal of the highest and most sophisticated quality.

Mondays are always terrible. Well, they are now officially worse that Dysangelium are unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace. Don’t enjoy “Ave Obscuritas Incarna” and have a terrible day. No fun. No light. No laughter. No sun.

** Dysangelium’s new fiery album, Thánatos Áskēsis, is out Christmas fucking Eve on WTC Productions. Pre-orders are up HERE if ruining Christmas is job Number One.