STREAMING: Dysangelium “Thánatos Áskēsis”

When we premiered Dysangelium’s “Ave Obscuritas Incarna” little over a month ago, faces melted and religions faltered (HERE). Well, Decibel and WTC Productions are hoping for a full skeletal collapse and for a great earthquake to swallow the Vatican whole after we premiere Dysangelium’s new album, Thánatos Áskēsis.
“Every time we start working on new material the situation is different,” says Sektarist 0 of Dysangelium’s writing process. “Sometimes it starts with somebody bringing an idea for a riff to the rehearsal, or ideas coming up just during jamming. Sometimes there is already a whole song written at home. In every case we rehearse a lot and do some changes until we’re satisfied with the atmosphere. It’s usually a process, that’s taking weeks or even months and sometimes it’s just one night in the rehearsal room.”

Now, if you’re wondering what “Dysangelium” means, it’s this: bad or terrible tidings. Nietzsche discussed “Dysangelium” a bit (HERE).

But back to Thánatos Áskēsis. There are few bands able to convey the corruption of self and soul like the Kiel-based black metallers. Parallels can be drawn to Deathspell Omega, Watain, Valkyjra, and fellow Germans Ascension, but Dysangelium are a unique entity unto themselves. There’s a sense of structures—holy structures—falling apart, of evil peering through the great void, its red eye all-seeing, all-penetrating.

It’s the last Monday of 2014. Make count with Dysangelium!

** Dysangelium’s new fiery album, Thánatos Áskēsis, is out NOW on WTC Productions. Those who want to get right with God the wrong way can order the album HERE.